Valentine’s Day Lockdown: Self-Isolation Version

Our first Valentine’s Day engaged, and we spent it not only in lockdown, but in self-isolation. We were not allowed to leave the house.


Since we were in lockdown this year (and have 3 big holidays to celebrate in April), we decided to do small gifts this year. Joe treated me with 2 dozen roses, coffee and candy for breakfast in bed, and the afternoon to sip champagne cocktails in silk pajamas and watch Bridgerton by myself. It’s the small things in life, and the even smaller things in lockdown, that mean the most.

I made us Lone River Ranch Water Original Seltzer Frozen Strawberry Lemonades with Sour Gummy Hearts. {adding recipe soon!} They were a big hit – Joe drank his up and finished most of mine off! We will definitely be making these again, especially this summer.


I hope you had a pleasant Valentine’s this year! Remember, it doesn’t matter what you do or who you spend it with; but what matters is surrounding yourself with love. And self-love is the most important love of all.


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