10 Day Self-Isolation Ends with Fish and Chips Run
location: Spring Grove Fisheries Kirkburton, Huddersfield, England, UK


We have officially finished our mandatory 10 day self-isolation! Upon entering the UK, we agreed to not leave our house for 10 full days in order to quarantine after traveling. Our ten days are now officially up, so we wanted to mark the occasion and celebrate. So, what better way than by an quick outing to pick up one of the most traditional British foods: fish and chips!



It was such a joy to get out of the house and see more than just the inside of our walls and the back garden walls. It literally was a breath of fresh air. Not to mention how great it was not cooking for the first time in ten days! That’s 30 meals we cooked during isolation! Our kitchen deserves a break, lol.



Now that our quarantine time is up, it is time to slowly start exploring and getting out again. We went for a nice walk around the village, and even stumbled upon a coffee shop and bakery that is open! We might still be in lockdown in the UK, but at least we now have the freedom to legally leave the house.


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