Top 10 Halloween MoviesHalloween movie marathon anyone? Yes, please! I will take any excuse for a movie night, especially one filled with horror. I’m kind of a movie maniac, 😉 so I wanted to share my top ten favorite Halloween movies of all time. From classic horrors to nostalgic favorites, there is something here to satisfy everyone’s movie monster musts!1. Rosemary’s BabyThis is my all time favorite spooky film. The music automatically puts me in a Halloween mood. 2. Hocus PocusI mean, the Sanderson Sisters? Enough said. 3. HalloweentownThis takes me back to Disney Channel Original Movies. So nostalgic. 4. ScreamWho does’t miss the 90s?? 5. CarrieI always feel so bad for Carrie, but then she goes crazy…6. PsychoEver since I first watched this movie, I check every hotel room for a peephole. You could call me paranoid 🙂 7. The WitchesBecause Roald Dahl is awesome and this book/movie is what gave me all my knowledge on witches! 8. PoltergeistThings moving across the room by themselves always scare me. 9. The Nightmare Before ChristmasTim Burton and Halloween; they just go together. 10. Halloween The original Michael Myers brings horror to his family on Halloween. This movie was such a Halloween success, they made eight more sequels, including the final one produced by Rob Zombie. Now pop some popcorn and bring out all that candy. Happy Halloween!

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