About two years ago, while serving in the Peace Corps, on Java, Indonesia, I had some memorable experiences. One of my favorites happened during our three month training in Malang. We had the opportunity to go to an Indonesian soccer game! A couple of weeks earlier, I had been at the Batu Night Spectaular – basically a small amusement park – when I found this awesome t-shirt with the head of a lion on it. Naturally I bought it, being a huge fan of Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. Plus. it’s an awesome shirt! When I got back home, I showed my host family. Little did I know, I had just entered the biggest rivalry team in Indonesian athletics: AREMA. Their mascot is the lion, which was pictured on the front of my shirt. Needless to say, I was stoked when we got to go to an Arema game: it was the perfect excuse to wear my shirt. One Sunday, about two years ago, our advisors rented three angkots (public transportation – like vans) to transport whoever wanted to go watch the Arema vs Jakarta soccer game at the Arema stadium in Malang. The ride to the game was an experience in itself: we pulled all of the windows open and enjoyed the pre-game revelry. Cars and motorcycles drove by waving flags with people cheering on their team. It was such an awesome experience!When we arrived at the stadium, we immediately stalked the vendor stalls to find souveniers like typical tourists 🙂 My favorite was the scarf. When we walked inside the stadium, I felt like a Gryffindor going to watch a quidditch match at Hogwarts! It really was a great time! Plus, Arema won 2-0.

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