There’s Snow Day like a Snow Day
location: West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom


It is very rare for me to see snow, so whenever I do I feel like a little kid – so excited to see snow it’s like for the first time! There is something so pure and magical about it. Snow just makes me happy. I also don’t see it often, so the rarity of snow makes it that more special to me.



On our first day back to the U.K. it snowed (lightly) for two days straight! It was so much fun having snow days, especially since we were jet lagged and stuck in self-isolation. The snow kept our spirits up, gave us something beautiful to watch, and even allowed for us to spend a little time outside playing. I built a snow-woman, with the help of Joe, and named her Linda. It was such a fun, child-like release that everyone needs once in a while.


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