Sensational, Simplistic Smoothie RecipesMango & Lime (pictured above)1 mango1 lime (juice, zest, garnish)2 heaping tbsp greek yogurt1/2 cup water1 tsp flax seeds1 tsp moon dust2 cups iceCarrot, Orange, & Apple2 carrots (finely grated or juiced)3 oranges (juice, zest, garnish)1/2 cup apple juice1 tsp flax seeds1 tsp moon dust1 cup iceStrawberry & Almond1 cup frozen strawberries1/2 cup greek yogurt1/2 cup almond milk1 tbsp sliced almonds1 tsp flax seeds1 tsp moon dust1/2 cup iceBlend well. Serve with fruit garnish & metal straw.

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