An Orange Oasis in the RainforestLocated on the banks of the Macal River, in the Cayo district of Belize, lies an Eco-Resort that takes you deep in the rainforest. The Tablerock Jungle Eco-lodge welcomes you with an entrance lined by towering palm trees. As you drive in, you will pass the orange grove. Be on the look out for donkeys, as they are known to be scattered through the fruit trees. Upon arrival, you will be escorted to your room then taken around the property prior to checking in. You are also given a local cell phone to contact the front desk and other rooms. A complimentary welcome drink is provided by the bar, and you better go with the bartender’s recommendation. It is dangerously delicious. There are ten cabanas on the property. I stayed in a Jungle View Cabana, called Oropendola. It was very private, and tucked away by the edge of the rainforest. They provided a hammock that can be strung between two trees, or sit on the porch eating oranges freshly picked from the grove. The biggest draw for me to this resort was the fruit! There is a giant orange grove with a bounty of fresh oranges. It would be so relaxing to stroll through and pick all the oranges to my heart’s desire. The only rule: “pick what you eat!” And who can argue with that? They also have spots for starfruit, mango, coconuts, and other locals fruit trees. The Macal River offers fun water activities:1. Take a canoe trip up the river, then slowly drift back down after enjoying a drink at Chaa Creek Lodge. 2. Grab a tube and jump in! The current from the river will take you a little ways downstream while you float on the tube. Just remember to get out at the right spot or you will end up down the river. 3. Or swim and sunbathe with a craft cocktail or local Belikin beer. There is also a yoga paddock located next to the river. It is a great spot for morning or evening yoga (really anytime of day). There are also hooks all around, making it an ideal place to relax in a hammock and a book. Other activities include hiking trails around the resort, as well as biking. The resort lends out bikes, canoes, and tubes every day! The on site restraunt offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner with two options for each meal. If you have the chance, I would opt for the private dinner. They set up candles and flowers, making for a lovely, romantic evening. The staff is exceptional! They are great at detail and one the friendliest staff’s I’ve had the pleasure to work with. The owners, Colleen and Alan, are also fabulous. They live onsite with their precious son. The resort is currently building a pool that looks epic. I may have to return just to check it out! The staff can also help with any off-site activities you may be interested in. I opted for the horseback riding adventure to visit the Mayan Ruins of Xunantunich. They arranged a ride for me to Hanna Stables, were I met my guides and my horse. We rode through the rainforest canopy, next to the Macal River and enjoyed the tranquility and being so connected to nature. We must’ve seen at least ten iguanas! And did you know they swim? I didn’t! I was shocked when I saw one jump in the water then surface on the other side of the river. There is a short ride on the road to get to the archaeological park. Then, a very short ferry ride across the beautiful blue river (and yes, we crossed with our horses). Note: after the ride, we were given a traditional Belizean lunch with yummy chicken, rice, potato salad, and fresh sapodilla juice. It was such a great experience, and truly put the topper on my trip!The ruins were majestic, and luckily we got there around 10 so it wasn’t too hot or crowded yet. If you are brave enough to climb to the top (I’m still proud of myself for going), then you will have the pleasure to enjoy one of the best views around. Just please don’t get to close to the edge…it gives me anxiety just thinking about it!Here’s a fun fact: During the time the Mayans lived in Xunantunich, the population was over one million. Now the entire population of Belize is less than half a million. Crazy! Another must-do away from the resort – a visit to the town of San Ignacio. Roughly, and I mean rough as parts of the road aren’t paved, thirty minutes from the resort is the town. It has a small, but fun night life and some good local restaurants and bars. It is a very safe town and was filled with tourists and locals. I recommend a meal at Evra’s if you have the time. Very good traditional Belizean fare, and did I mention the building is pink? If not for the yummy food, go for the Instagram photo! The International airport is located two and a half to three hours away. The resort can help arrange a vehicle transport. Another, quicker option is to fly with Tropic Air to San Ignacio and have the resort pick you up there. The last option is to use the public transportation which is by bus. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time if using the bus because the schedule is never the same. TableRock is a great place to go to completely unwind and step off the grid. However, they do have wifi so you don’t have to be completely secluded. Get ready to kick back and enjoy a great time in the rainforest of Belize.

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