Adventure in the Great, Wide SomewhereA week spent in Avignon, France.Each morning, I would wake up with my morning cup of tea and open the shutters. I could then sit outside on the ledge, curled up in a cozy blanket, with a sunrise view overlooking the Roman ruins. A day here always included: shopping for bread, cheese, and olives. Driving across the countryside. Walking through our village and the ancient Roman ruins. And of course, Champagne before every meal. One evening before sunset, I decided to go explore the ancient Roman fortified city. My excitement was building around every corner – did this place really exist? I felt like I was living in a fairytale dream. Before I knew it, I had made it to the top! The view took my breath away; I could see all the villages below, vineyards, farms, and the rolling hills of the French countryside. As the sun went down, I began to make my descent and getting lost in the winding streets. By the time I made it down, the sunset was in full color. I looked back at the city, which was now glowing from the sun. Can you even imagine what life must have been like there?

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