What To Pack for a Beach Trip


Going on a beach trip is always fun! But to be honest, sometimes packing can be a little stressful. I usually plan out my outfits before any trip, and then make lists accordingly. I like to base most of my I pack on the outfits I am taking. Sometimes however, this is not at all realistic. And plans always change!

To try and make your life a little easier, I have made a quick packing list for the top ten items you will need for a beach vacation.


  1. A Black Swimsuits
  1. A Fun Float
  1. Cute Towel
  1. Drunk Elephant
  1. A Good Book
  1. Killer Sunglasses
  1. A Perfect Hat
  1. Beach Outfits
  1. An It Bag
  1. Special Sandals

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