The 12 Musts of Christmas This Christmas, I am introducing Fashion Tuna’s 12 Days of Christmas! Each day will feature a specific blog post about fashion, festivities, food, beauty, or travel with twelve items dedicated to each post. I am having so much fun creating this blog series, so I really hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays 🙂 Every Christmas, there are certain things that always get us in the spirit. These could be nostalgic traditions from childhood to certain places to certain songs. Whichever way you choose, let the holiday spirit move you this Christmas. Time to get started!Fashion Tuna’s 12 Christmas Musts:1. Ice Skating2. Christmas Shopping3. Baking Christmas Cookies4. Trimming the Tree & Decorating5. Christmas Movie Marathon6. Gingerbread Houses7. Eggnog / Mulled Wine8. Viewing Christmas Lights9. Dressing Up for the Holidays / Holiday Party10. Christmas Manicure / Nail Art11. Dancing around the Tree to Christmas Songs12. Remembering the true meaning of Christmas

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