This male monday is all about the American fashion designer, Ralph Lauren. I just read his story, and he is so inspiring! He began in the design industry by turning rags into men’s neckties and selling them from a small drawer in New York City. He was eventually approached by Neiman Marcus to buy multiple of his ties! He officially opened his own necktie store, "Polo," in 1967. The first one was in Manhattan, of course, but within a few years he was able to broaden his brand and moved to Beverly Hills as well. Obviously we see just how much his business exploded! From selling neckties from a drawer to owning a multi-billion dollar company, Ralph Lauren truly is the definition of the American Dream 🙂 In September 2015, he made the decision to step down as CEO. Of course he remains active on the board and even has the title Chief Creative Officer. Being a designer & headliner in fashion, Ralph must always look the part. And trust me, he ALWAYS does 😉 Here are some of his best looks throughout the years.References:All information via wikipedia & all images via google images

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