Exploring Moab, Utah & Arches National ParkMoab is a cute town used as a hub for Canyonlands and Arches National Parks by adventurers everywhere. The stay was short, but it was still spent exploring some cool places around town! Moab Brewery is a great spot to grab a local beer and has a fun, lively atmosphere. Love Muffin Cafe is the best spot in Moab for all things breakfast. It will get you fueled up with coffee and food to start your day of exploring. Jailhouse Cafe is another good breakfast spot, with a cute exterior. If looking a place to rest your travel weary head, look no further than The Gonzo Inn. It offers cozy accommodations off the main street, with a pool and gift shop. Plus, all of the rooms have patios. Don’t forget to stop by the rock shop: they sell locally found fossils rocks and are open 24 hours.There is a great scenic drive starting in Moab that runs along the Colorado River. There are plenty of options for camping and picnicking! This is also the road where Sorrel River Ranch and Castle Creek Winery are located. Both on the banks of the Colorado and with expansive properties, these are remarkable places to visit. Take the day off and spend it relaxing at Sorrel River Ranch, or just stop in for a quick wine tasting at Castle Creek Winery before continuing on your way. Sometime you just need to stop and enjoy. Arches National Park is located just a few miles outside of the town of Moab. The park features an amazing scenic drive that takes you to all the best sites, then a short hike will get you up close with the arches. My favorite views were of the Three Gossips and The Sheep – which really looks just like a sheep! The Parade of Elephants and Elephant Butte were also hilarious. Double Arch was my favorite, but others included The Windows, Delicate Arch, and Landscape Arch. It is truly a marvel to witness nature in such a powerful way; it is almost spiritual. Castle Creek Winery

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