My Labor Day 2018

This Labor Day, we spent with family and taking it easy. To start off the weekend, Mac and I went to Sunset Pointe at Fly Creek Marina. We spent a lovely afternoon enjoying specialty cocktails, appetizers, and an amazing sunset.

On Saturday, we were ready for some football games! My dad grilled ribs and we had a yummy barbecue feast. My sister made a delicious ‘Cowboy Queso’ Dip that I will definitely share; it was that good. It felt so nice to be with my family, eating delicious food, and watching some great football games.

Sunday was spent playing outside and grilling hotdogs. We kept it very low key. Then watched Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it. Frances McDormand does a great job.

On Monday, Labor Day, Mac joined my family at my parents’ house on Fish River. We spent the day playing with water balloons, in between all of the rain showers. We also flew the drone! It was so awesome watching the water balloon fight from an aerial view. After we tired out, hamburgers were put on the grill. We enjoyed a delicious meal with my whole family, all sitting around the dinner table. It was such a chill, yet fun-filled day we will hopefully remember for years to come! Comment below how you spent your Labor Day Weekend! 🙂


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