Hello from Thailand! I landed on Koh Samui and immediately took a ferry to Koh Tao. Koh Tao is known as ‘Turtle Island,’ unfortunately we didn’t see any. The island is known for having the best diving in the world, while the sunsets were some of the most incredible sites I have ever seen! We spent the first few days at the Koh Tao Cabana before spending a few at the Tarna Align Resort. We then returned for a few more days at the Cabana before moving to another island. To Do:My days were spent lounging by the beach, reading books, and drinking fresh coconuts. Or in some cases: lounging by the pool 😉While afternoons were spent exploring! Koh Tao is such an awesome island and so easy to navigate. I could walk into town via the road or the beach, the beach being my obvious choice! There are plenty or restaurants & bars right on the beach. There are also some massage spots, including the one we went to. A sunset massage on the beach? Yes, please! I got to try out traditional Thai massage along with Foot Reflexology. It was amazing, and I even got served tea afterwards. The walking streets are filled with shops, restaurants, bars, hostels, and dive schools. Koh Tao is known for having the best diving in the world! DiningFood was good everywhere we went. We tried out, I think, all of the Japanese restaurants on the island. Kujiraya had an incredible atmosphere – great sake and a local hangout for divers. Sushi Mani at Tarna Align Resort has delicious sushi, plus an unforgettable view of the sunset. The Italian restaurant, V-Nizza was also pretty good! The alfredo noodles are made in-house along with fresh bread. The cool white wine was the perfect thing for a hot day exploring the island. And to make it even better, the restaurant has mist spraying down to cool people off. Out of all the restaurants, 995 Duck was our favorite! They cook everything fresh and is delivered within minutes. My absolute favorite dish is the spicy duck soup – they also make a less spicy version. And don’t forget to wash it down with an ice cold Singha beer 😉ShoppingI found some really great deals! Especially these bags 🙂 I have two more, not pictured. The coconut bag was too fun not to get! And the others have already proven useful. The shops also have great clothing for beach life, including some traditional clothing. I had a blast checking out all of the different shops and trying different things. As a bonus, most shops give you a gift for shopping with them! Here are some of my favorite looks:Let me know if you want me to link where to buy details!

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