The small island of Koh Phangan sits in the Gulf of Thailand off Koh Samui. I spent three nights here at the end of my two weeks in Thailand. It was so amazing! We rented a car and drove all over the island- definitely recommend. It was one of my favorite drives, with breath-taking views of the sea on one side and a coconut jungle on the other. We drove through all the different, little towns and beaches, seeing the differences in all. We stopped for a casual beach-front drink at the Coast Resort. The mango daiquiri was pretty good. Then off to lunch at the fabulous Fisherman’s! This place is home to some of the best seafood I have ever had. I ordered the crab: I debated between the special curry crab or the regular boiled crab, then decided on the regular crab. It came in the shell with three dipping sauces. I didn’t even use the sauces because the flavor of the crab was so good – I didn’t want to ruin it with sauce! Plus, the restaurant is right on the beach. They even turned some old boats into tables in the sand – so fun!A traditional Thai Night Market was a must for me. So on Saturday night we went to the Tong Sala Night Market. I was like a kid in a candy store: satay, coconut, pad thai, mango with sticky rice, aloe vera juice, papaya salad, I mean I could go on and on! The chicken satay was great. He even ran out of chicken. The papaya salad was my favorite dish of the trip. It is made with raw papaya and a spicy citrus dressing with tomato and green beans. It was so cool to see her make it fresh, right in front of us! After a lot of sampling, we decided to get some food to take back to the resort, but not before a stop at 7-eleven, because what goes better with Thai street food than beer?!This island is completely hippie. It is known for being the island to visit for a Full Moon Party due to the crazy effects the moon has on it. And I could feel the effects of the island and the people on the island; everyone loves yoga, eats vegan, and genuinely trying to live and love life. We are all on this crazy journey, we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate this amazing gift we have. This island made me stop and not think, but relax and just enjoy my life.We stayed at an amazing little spa, Paragon Spa Resort, only a minute walk from the beach. But it had an awesome pool I spent more time in anyway! The food was all amazing – we tried almost everything on the menu. There are also a few other restaurants and bars within walking distance, both on the beach and on the road. Let me know if you try out the spa! It looked pretty fabulous. Oh, and some rooms even have outdoor bathrooms 😉

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