How To: Keep Cool in the Summer Heat
With summer comes excessive heat. And is it just me, or does it seem like this summer may just be the hottest yet? Especially with this south Alabama humidity; I literally feel like I just left hot yoga when I step outside for five minutes. So, in lieu of this heat I decided to start brainstorming.
I’ve been searching for all sorts of ways to keep cool this summer while still getting to spend some time outside. These can all be kid and adult friendly.


  1. Kiddie Pool: it’s like your own personal pool


2. Pool Floats / River Rafts: there is nothing better than lying on a fun pool float, sipping a refreshing drink, and soaking up sunshine


3. Water Guns: or even Rosé guns?


4. Popsicles: three little words DIY Do It Yourself (recipe link)


5. Frozen Drinks: I’m looking at you Frose, and bushwhackers

recipes: Bushwhacker, Frosé, Piña Colada


6. Slip n Slide: yes, adults have fun on these too!


7. Sprinkler: bring back your inner child by running through a sprinkler (bonus if after a few froses)


8. Tubing Trip: float slowly down a river or creek for the day, just bring food, drinks, and sunscreen

local spots:


9. Canoe/Boat Trip (or SUP): take out a canoe or any type of boat for the day – almost all bodies of water offer rental companies with a full day, or half day

local rental companies:


10. Beach Trip: spend the day relaxing at the beach, grab a fun lunch, and soak up some sun


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