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What To Do After Getting Engaged – Fashion Tuna

He has popped the question, so what is next?! It is a whirlwind of feelings, ranging from happy to excited to completely overwhelmed. Here are my top five to do’s immediately after getting engaged!

  1. Enjoy the moment.
  2. Share the news with family and friends.
  3. Announce on social media, in a fun way.
  4. Order ‘Thank You’ Notes.
  5. Set the date. (Everyone asks when and where!)

Optional: set up your wedding website.

Note: People will constantly be asking you how you met and how you got engaged, so be READY! You will be a pro at telling your story.


Not much wedding planning got done this past week since we got so much done the week before. However, we did plan a rough outline for our honeymoon and we are SO EXCITED!!! We will have a phone call with our wedding planner towards the end of the month to discuss when we can possibly move forward and visit the destination again due to COVID-19. We are hoping it will not effect our wedding next year, but we are wanting to be cautious. We hope to know more soon!

Five Bridal Favorites: