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London in Winter – Fashion Tuna

View of London from the Tower Bridge

After Christmas, there always seems to be a lull when no one really knows what to do with themselves. So on December 29, we decided to hop in the car and drive the three hours south to London! It is an easy drive that I am beginning to learn well, lol. We were only in town for just about twenty-four hours, giving us not much time but we were able to see everything we wanted.

View of Knightsbridge from our hotel window in  Egerton House Hotel.

To Stay

Egerton House Hotel

Studio Suite at Egerton House Hotel

Not only is this a charming boutique hotel located in Knightsbridge, in the heart of Kensington, but  We originally decided on this hotel because. they are dog friendly and even provide a pet sitter, which was perfect for us traveling with Leo. He got to explore the entire hotel and meet all the staff. We were even greeted with an upgrade to a suite and complete pet welcome kit upon arrival (bed, towel, blanket, food and water bowl). The service was above and beyond from everyone we dealt with. We were SO pleased with our stay here (and even got an AMAZING upgrade thanks to Leo) that we know  the Egerton House Hotel will be our home away from home whenever we are visiting London.

Studio Suite at Egerton House Hotel. 

Bathroom at Egerton House Hotel. 

To Eat

Haandi Indian Cuisine

The food was good, although portions are HUGE. Plan on going hungry and sharing. The atmosphere is busy and loud. but we had a well enough time other than service being a little bit slower. But when you are craving Indian food, who can complain?

Haandi, an Indian restaurant. 

Christmasmarket by the Tower Bridge

Lots of stalls selling all sorts of different foods. I saw cuisines varying from Mexican, to Greek, to German, to Italian. We opted for a hot dog stall, lol.

Hotdog stall by the Tower Bridge. 

Egerton House Hotel

Our hotel also served an excellent afternoon tea. We ate there for lunch upon arrival, and the club sandwich and mozzarella sandwich were both good. Best served with a glass of champagne, of course.

Egerton House Hotel at Christmastime. 

To Do & See

Hyde Park (and Winter Wonderland)

A walk through Hyde Park has always been on my bucket list, but it was even more special walking through with Leo – and Joe of course! We walked by the Winter Wonderland (that was swarming with tourists and families FYI), and made a stop at the Peter Pan statue I had wanted to see. It was a nice afternoon, giving us pretty clouds for sunset. Leo loved the green grass and all the other dogs. We even saw two other french bulldogs he said hello to. It is such a big park and there is so much to explore. I would love to see it again in the spring…and summer…and fall!

Peter Pan Statue, Hyde Park, London, England.

Hyde Park, London, England.

Buckingham Palace

Expect big crowds. Always. Oh, and tours are available in the summer during July and August when the Queen goes north to the Scottish Highlands.

Buckingham Palace at night. 

Tower Bridge

A lot of people confuse this with the London Bridge, but it is cooler. I advise getting here early in the morning because the crowds were insane. And if taking a tour, book in advance.

On Tower Bridge, London. 

Tower Bridge, London, from a distance. 

Tower Bridge, London. 


Unfortunately, Leo couldn’t go in for his shopping spree, lol, but he managed to pose for a photo. They do have a restaurant and a really nice terrace champagne bar where we went in summer for my birthday.

Harrod’s, London.

At this time of year, we ran into TONS of people everywhere. It was way more crowded than in the summer. There were some locations I could barely move in, like on Tower Bridge. And in one tube station, we had to turn around and leave because it was so insane and no one was moving! If you want to visit without the maddening crowds then you MUST wake up early (like before the sun rises) to be one of the first people there for morning light. London is always a fun time, even with the crowds.

Knightsbridge, Kensington, London.