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A Locked-Down Engagement – Fashion Tuna

It has been about one month since Joe proposed, and let me just tell you that being engaged is the best thing ever!! However, the timing of our engagement has been different for us than a traditional engagement. And of course that is because we are in a global pandemic. It comes with some pros and some cons, we are just doing our best to continuously love and support each other through them all.

Let’s be honest for a second: one side of getting engaged in lockdown kind of sucks. Not being able to celebrate and enjoy this incredibly happy moment in our lives with family and close friends is tough. We want to be able to hug, pop champagne, toast, and discuss nuptial plans with the people that mean the most to us. But for now, it is just us – and that in turn has been the biggest pro to a lockdown engagement.

This time during lockdown has made me more grateful of Joe, my fiancé, than I ever dreamt imaginable. It has given us so much time to grow our relationship even deeper and make our bond even stronger. Plus, we get to spend A LOT of time wedding planning!

Thanks to lockdown, we have actually gotten a lot done wedding-wise. We have chosen a color scheme, readers and readings, the complete bridal party, and a good amount of the ceremony and reception music. But we are not announcing any of these things just yet; we want to be able to tell everyone/ask people properly, in my person. We have been able to get all of this done because lockdown has given us the time to sit down and be able to honestly talk and express our wants and expectations of our wedding.

Most importantly, we SET THE DATE! And we have also chosen a location. We will reveal both of these at a later date, but for now I will share this: it is about one year away and will be a destination wedding. We have not chosen a venue yet, but we do have a good idea of the area and some great options (irons in the fire as my parents would say, lol). Unfortunately, before we can actually have a full tour of any potential venues we must wait for the travel bans to be lifted. We have faith, though!

Any guesses where or when we will get married? Comment below!

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