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Working From Home – Fashion Tuna

During this global pandemic, the majority of people are working from home. But I work from home all the time :). So, I thought I would share ten tips that help me stay on track when working from home, or more frequently known now as WFH. It can be very stressful, especially if you have roommates or a significant other that you aren’t used to spending so much time with. I hope these help!

  1. Schedule office hours. Whether it’s 9-5, 10-6, or whatever time, it is important to have a certain time of your day that you know you will be working.
  2. Take a break for lunch and exercise. You would usually take a lunch break anyway, so take an hour or so to eat lunch. Also, use this time to go for a walk or do an exercise video inside. It helps break up your day and will give you a small boost of energy to finish out your work day.
  3. Put away, or turn off, all distractions. This is so important to stay focused and be productive! Keep your phone out of arms length. Turn off notifications or put on do not disturb. Turn TVs off. Focus on what is in front of you instead of scrolling through Instagram.
  4. Make daily and weekly goals and to-do lists. And STICK TO THEM! I love making to do lists and writing down my goals. It helps to clear your head and see what tasks you have in front of you. But, the most important thing is sticking to them. I promise you will feel a sense of relief and pride when you can check something off your list.
  5. Do the most important tasks first. Don’t prioritize easiest tasks. Sometimes it seems the best and easiest place to start is by choosing the easiest task, or quickest one to complete. This is a mistake. Prioritize your tasks by which one is the most urgent.
  6. Have a clean and organized work space. For me, a clean environment helps me keep my thoughts on track. Having a designated work space will help your mind stay focused. Declutter and organize your area before getting started and you will immediately notice how much more you can get done.
  7. Focus on one thing at a time. It is important not to overwhelm yourself, especially at a time like this. You will start feeling anxious, and that is last thing even of us need added to our plate right now. By focusing on one thing at a time, you can eliminate the static in your brain and be more productive at the task at hand.
  8. Get dressed every morning. Even if it’s loungewear, it is important to change out of pajamas to keep some normalcy in your life.
  9. Try to keep your routine, or create a new one! This will help you to keep to a schedule and not feel like your days are all melting into one. It can be super simple, like coffee, workout, shower, skincare. Or make it more complex with meditation, journaling, reading, cleaning – whatever you want.
  10. DO NOT STRESS! This is the most important one during this chaotic and uncertain time. Take each day as it comes, focusing on the present. And know that this will pass. We are all in this together.