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#HowTo Hydrate Winter Skin:
5 Skincare Products to Battle Winter Weather 

10 Ways to Reset for the New Year

Why I Am Trying Whole30 I am going to find out if it is all the rage it is cracked up to be! I have(more…)

From LA, Back to AL February 14, 2017 marked my two year anniversary of living in LA. I have loved every minute of these past(more…)

Drink Daily GreensI am a huge juice fan, from greens to beets to apples and carrots – I love juice! So it came to no(more…)

With the start of October, I decided to start a 7 day tea detox with Newport Skinny Tea. Used three times a day, it says(more…)

Newport Skinny Teahas a seven day cleanse & detox program I am currently trying out. I drink a cup of the daytime tea a half(more…)