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Joy in January – Fashion Tuna

1. Go ice skating.

2. Watch snow fall.

3. Visit somewhere new.

4. See the Berlin Wall.

5. Take a train ride.

6. Explore a castle.

7. Try Whole30.

8. Focus on what is important.

9. Make time for myself.

10. Make a new friend.

How this works:

Each month, I will make a bucket list with 10 new things. They can be an absolute range of anything, from something I want to do, somewhere I want to go, something I want to try, something I need to work on, etc. It is a way to help me strive towards my goals and actually track the progress.

At the end of the month, I will attach an Instagram photo or blog post to prove I have checked them all off. Please  join me in making you making monthly bucket lists to help better ourselves in the year 2020. It is always easier, and more fun, together!