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2020 Resolutions – Fashion Tuna

2020 not only brings us a fresh new year and beginning, but it also starts a new decade. I really want to try to commit myself to actually making a change in my life this year. And not just with healthy eating habits and exercise, but by being more mindful and aware. I challenge everyone to set ten resolutions for them to try and follow not only throughout the year, but to take through the decade.


1. Be kind.

2. Be present.

3. Be productive.

4. Listen more.

5. Argue less.

6. Pray consistently.

7. Accept joy.

8. Love without bounds.

9. Try my hardest.

10. Live a healthy lifestyle.

These were the only photos I got from New Year’s Eve… but that’s a sure sign of a good time, right? First, we made a delicious dinner to ring in the New Year. On the menu was buffalo mozzarella stuffed chicken, sautéed bell pepper and green beans, with a tomato onion salad. After dinner, we went to a house party where we drank shimmery champagne to toast the new year. Then we went home to see Leo and dance around the Christmas tree. It was a fun way to bring in 2020 with someone special. I am now ready to start a new decade and be the best I can be.

Happy New Year!