In the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to share a few of my favorite past Halloween costumes!The first one is a piece of bacon & an egg. I added some yellow leggings to make it look like a runny yolk! In 2012, I desgined my entire Park Ranger costume myself! I added a belt, bear bell, and bandana to complete the look. Also, a tourist costume is always fun and easy!!In 2013, I was in Panama at Kalu Yala, so we made a hanuted house! I was the fortune teller, so I wrapped my hair up, draped a blanket over my shoulders, & wrapped a sarong around my waist. For the crystal ball, I used a volleyball wrapped up in a white sheet and then put a towel around it for the stand. This was from last year in Bali, so I was very limited on my costume options. I noticed that all of these stores were selling these amazing headdresses and knew I had to get one 🙂 They had so many different colors, but I really liked this red one and the designs on it. I used red lipstick for the war paint, just be sure to wash your face really well after!And last but not least, a toddler costume! Meet the Hobbit himself, Mr. Bilbo Baggins. Hope these ideas gave you some inspiration for your own costume! Happy Halloween!

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