APOLIS | GLOBAL CITIZENCity Series Market BagsThis bag makes me feel like I can be anywhere in the world: like a bakery in France, a vineyard in Chile, a night market in Thailand, or a souk in Morocco. The first place I went exploring with my market bag was the Flower District in downtown Los Angeles, California. The flower district is home to many flower stores, as well as the original Flowers Market. As soon as I enter the district, the smells of fresh flowers instantly hits me. I walk in on the left side with my market bag, and stop to take it in. I had a hard time deciding which ones to get, so I got a variety of flowers – filling up my bag! Then it was off to brunch at Bottega Louie. Plus, this is a great bag for travel! I love using it as my carry-on. click image to shop my bag:

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