My Self-Care Floral Milk Bath

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Self-care is an essential. It is something I try to incorporate into my everyday life and daily routines. And then there are times that I like to really go over the top! Sunday is usually a great day to do this; it is already meant for us to be a day of rest. So, let’s try this year to make every Sunday an extra special day for self-care.



One of my favorite ways to care for myself is by taking a bath. A bath can be so relaxing, and can literally help me to soak my stress away. I like to add little twists to my baths to mix them up! Some might some I am a ‘bath-oholic’… I mean is a bath a day really too much?



There are so many relaxing ways to add something extra to a bath time experience. One of my favorite ways is by having a milk bath. This can be done at home with milk or plant-based milk you have on hand. Or make it easier with milk powder, like this bath soak from Herbivore Botanicals.



My other ways to relax involve fresh flowers, a smell good candle, a feel good book, and some beauty essentials.


My Floral Milk Bath Essentials:

Coconut Milk Bath Soak


Fresh Flowers (or artificial)


Bath Tray


Romance Novel


Drink of Choice


XL Wine Glass


Moisturizing Facial Mask


Hair Mask




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