Date night is supposed to be fun, but as we all know, finding the perfect look can be a nightmare. How do you get that "I didn’t even try" look while still looking like you just stepped out of a magazine? Well, I haven’t mastered it yet, but I do have a few tips that should help make the night less stressful by making you look and feel flawless!Here are some tips to get the perfect look:- This is not the time to put your most fashionable foot forward (unless your date works in fashion), so instead of wearing the trendiest thing you own, opt for a simpler look while still looking stunning. – Whenever picking out an outfit, the first thing I think about is location, location, location! Where am I going? What time of day will I be there? What is the weather like there? Why am I going there? Once I answer these questions, I can start planning my look!– Always start with the shoes. Shoes can make a super simple outfit instantly sexy. I recommend heels for a date; the added height comes with an added confidence. Once the shoes are decided, decide on your bottoms – pants or dress/skirt? The rest of the look should be easy! – Add minimal jewelry to complete your outfit.- Something I have just learned: makeup is fun! I want a very natural look, but still look flawless. So I like to wear full coverage makeup, with a touch of contour and glow, and a light nude lip. For my eyes, I go all out on my eyelashes with a thin coat of eyeliner around my entire eye to make them pop. I like to wear either a gold or silver eyeshadow (depending on my outfit) very lightly dusted over my eyelids.- For me, hair is the hardest part. So I usually will get a blow out the day of a date which takes away the stress of me having to fix my hair. But, I still like a natural look – big, loose waves. – Walk with you head held high and a bright smile, and you will radiate confidence and happiness :)P.S. – I am never against a pre-date drink, like a small glass of wine or champagne. It helps loosen me up and gives me just enough liquid courage to strut around like a supermodel 😉 Just be sure you do not overdo it.

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