10 At-Home Date Night Ideas
Celebrating at Home, Stuck in Lockdown, or Fun Night In



Perfect for Valentine’s Day, or whenever! With Joe and I currently in lockdown in the UK, we need something to look forward to and add some excitement to our monotonous routines. Here are 10 fun date night ideas that we have enjoyed:

#1  Indoor camping by the fire. We set up a small teepee and covered the floor with blankets and pillows. Then ordered some pizza, popped some champagne, and watched a movie (we chose live action ‘Lady and the Tramp’, but any romance film would do: here is a list of 24 of my favorites!


#2  Wine, chocolate, and cheese tasting. We both love all three of these things, so it was hard not to want to indulge in this romantic treat. Go an extra mile for romance by blindfolding your partner and having them blind taste test! Hint: you can even feed him/her the chocolate and cheese to make the experience more intimate and sensual.


#3  Put together a puzzle. This is very time consuming and helps keep the mind focused – which is great for all this time being spent in lockdown.


#4  Breakfast in bed. Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? I think this one speaks for itself.


#5  Double date on FaceTime or ZOOM with your couple friends. Set up a virtual cocktail party, trivia or game night.


#6  Take a virtual class together: such as mixology, cooking, photography, etc.


#7  Dance! Learn a trending TikTok dance or try a challenge. Try the ‘Dirty Dancing’ dance. Do an 80s workout class. Watch a YouTube dance tutorial. Learn an old school dance. Or just freestyle! (note: this may require some furniture rearranging, and lots of patience if your partner can’t dance LOL)


#8  Try cooking or baking together. Make a home cooked meal that you both help making and both can enjoy together. But don’t forget that means you both have to help clean up! Or try baking. Baking cookies or brownies can be an intimate time, if you take your time and don’t take yourself too seriously! I know we have all seen a flour fight in the movies. Now is your chance to have your own movie moment!


#9  Create an at home spa night. Complete with manis/pedis, face masks, hair masks, and even cucumbers for your eyes. Set the mood with candles, romantic lighting, relaxing music, and essential oils. Don’t forget to take turns with massages to really turn up the romance. And men, just enjoy the pampering! It’s not like anyone will see you when you are in your at home spa.


#10  Brainstorm your dream vacation for when normal travel begins to resume. Talk about the different places you want to visit, what you want to see and do, and look up all the interesting things about the places and things you discuss.

Other Ideas:

+ fancy candlelight dinner

+ paint or DIY a craft together

+ practice a new language

+ cloud watch or stargaze (enjoy time being close and in nature, plus watching something other than a screen)

+ learn your love language or take a virtual tantra yoga class

+ experiment making a new cuisine: try pasta from scratch or hand roll sushi

If you have any other ideas, please comment below! Or send me an email to fashiontunatate@gmail.com or a DM on instagram @fashiontuna.

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