This past weekend, I got to take a quick trip to Chicago to check out the Freehand. It is a boutique hotel & hostel located in River North. It has both an awesome cafe, Café Integral, and bar, The Broken Shaker. The decor is very unique, boho-themed, with a very chill vibe and atmosphere. Use the code OBVIOUSLYFREEHAND for 15% off the best available rate. When I arrived in Chicago, I was greeted with snow and went straight to check out Superdawg. I got a fully loaded superdawg, complete with hot peppers and french fries. I then went straight to check out the Freehand. I was greeted with a bottle of Pinot Noir, bag of coffee, and a very cool room with a city view. After relaxing and checking out my room, I decided to venture down to the hotel bar, The Broken Shaker. I made some friends, and we decided to go check out some other bars around the area! When breakfast came around, I decided for avocado toast w/ watermelon radish, sprouts, and a cappuccino on the side from Café Integral. The high for that day was said to be sixteen degreens farenheit, but at least it had stopped snowing. There was just enough snow to coat the ground and give the city a magical, wintery feeling. I bundled up, wearing my Sorel footwear boots, Kate Spade scarf, J. Crew coat, and J Brand Jeans. My Anine Bing sunglasses and Alexander McQueen backpack completed the look. I then stepped out into the cold, and went to explore all the typical tourist sites!The first stop was Willis Tower and taking the elevator all the way up the 103rd floor to the Skydeck. They have three ledges where you can actually walk out over the city and look down all one hundred three floors. It is terrifying and thrilling, and don’t worry – there is a camera man to take professional pictures and countless numbers of ways to set up an awesome, instagram-worthy photo. Another mandatory stop was Millennium Park to see the Bean, or its proper title, the Cloud Gate. There is also an ice skating rink currently in the park. After those stops, I was ready for the best part: Chicago style pizza. So I went to the highly recommended Giordano’s and got their famous cheese stuffed deep dish pizza. It takes about forty-five minutes for them to cook any pizza because they are made to order. The wait time is definitely worth it though, and they recommend a salad while you wait 🙂My final stop before heading to the airport was to see the Greetings From Chicago mural. (see full list of all murals here: Greetings Tour)

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