Books, Books, Books Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I enjoy reading because it helps keep my mind at ease (I have terrible anxiety) by focusing on an entire other world than my own. I also believe that books empower others, especially young women. They take us places they we never have been or teach us something we may never have learned. Because of this, I have always wanted to start a book club. I have always imagined one where a bunch of impeccably dressed ladies sit around chatting about the latest read while sipping on champagne! It’ll happen one day 😉 Until then, I have decided to start sharing my love and enthusiasm for reading my doing a quarterly book club list. This is my test run, so I would love to hear any feedback or suggestions! The books I have chosen for this volume are all relatively new releases. The Wonderby Emma DonoghueAn English nurse, who served under Florence Nightingale, goes to observe an eleven-year-old child in the Irish countryside. The family claims that the girl has survived on no food for four months, since her eleventh birthday. The nurse has no idea what she is getting herself into, or what impact this little girl will have on her life. Today Will Be Differentby Maria SempleThis novel had me laughing out loud! Eleanor Flood is a middle-aged woman with a husband and eight year old son. Maria Semple makes you feel rather sympathetic for poor Eleanor, while at the same time showing she is absolutely nuts. She wakes up vowing ‘Today will be different,’ and boy is it ever!Commonwealthby Ann Patchett I am starting this one next 🙂 I will update when I finish it! The Nixby Nathan HillAnd I am saving this one for last! I order all of my books from Amazon. I usually pre-order them and then have them delivered the day they come out. Also, Amazon has the best prices!

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