This Cinco de Mayo, celebrate with a seasonal favorite of mine: blackberry margaritas! We hand-picked all the blackberries on our farm and used some cute berry buckets from Etsy to put them all in. If you can’t pick your own, then hopefully you can find some in your grocery store or local farmers market. To make these delicious margaritas, we used a home made blackberry simple syrup and coated the rim with sugar and lime zest. I was at first worried the sugar rim would be too sweet with the blackberry, but it complimented perfectly! They were definitely a hit :)BLACKBERRY MARGARITAS RECIPEserves 4Ingredients:Blackberry Simple Syrup:2 pints of blackberries [1 berry bucket = 1 pint]1/4 cup sugar1 lime, juicedSugar & Lime Rim:1 cup sugarzest of 2 limes1 lime wedgeMargaritas:1 – 1 1/2 cups tequila – up to you ;)1/4 – 1/2 cup triple sec1/4 cup sugar3 limes, juicedIceDirections:Start with the simple syrup: Add blackberries & sugar to a medium sized saucepan, covered on low heat for about 20 minutes. Use a fine mesh strainer to strain syrup, forcing as much juice through as possible. Put in fridge immediately to cool.Next make sugar & lime for rims of glasses: Use lime zest and mix together with the sugar. Rub lime wedge all around rim of glass before dipping into sugar & lime mixture. Now time for the margaritas: Add tequila, triple sec, sugar, & lime juice in blender with blackberry simple syrup. Blend to mix well. Pour over ice & garnish with blackberries and lime wedge. OR if you like frozen margaritas, add ice to blender and blend until smooth. This will double recipe, so you may want to do two separate rounds. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy 🙂

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