Beach Day Tips and Tricks

Most of us love going to the beach. But if one little thing goes wrong, it can quickly spoil any great beach day. Here are my five fail-proof tips on how to ensure you have a fun-filled beach day!

5 Beach Tips & Tricks:

  1. Bring two water bottles. One will be used for drinking, the other will be used for rinsing off sand and salt water. 
  2. Baby Powder. This stuff is amazing at getting sand off! No more sandy feet in the car 🙂 
  3. Towels. I would say at least two. Use one post swim and one post shower. 
  4. Hat & Sunscreen. Well, these two are a definite for sun protection. 
  5. Facial Mist. This saves the day even not on a beach trip. I swear it is magical. 



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