How To: Get Ready for Back to School

Back to school time is here! It’s time to get your kiddos ready, your house ready, and yourself ready. Today I am sharing five tips on how to make the back to school transition easier.

  1. Start waking up on time at least a week before school starts. This helps get your body and your kids used to the early mornings and helps establish a routine. 
  2. Get a family calendar. A giant (preferably dry-erase) calendar is great for school and for families. It allows everyone to see what is going on daily and gives all family members the ability to add to it.
  3. Menu Planning! I know this may seem extreme and over the top, but trust me it pays off tremendously. I usually try to plan a week in advance. This way I get all my groceries for the week at the same time and I never have to wonder what to eat for dinner. 
  4. Establish a nighttime routine for yourself and the kids. This will help when homework starts and with time allotment for dinner, playtime, and bathtime. For yourself, maybe spruce up your nighttime skincare routine, drink a cup of tea, and read a book or journal. It’s really up to you, this is just what I like to do at bedtime!
  5. A reusable water bottle. Kids need these all day long at school in order to get enough water! And you need one for you work day, carlines, and all the after school activities. 
*note these are my nephews pictured on their first day of 
Kindergarten and Pre-School

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