I am so excited to announce that the 2016 flavors of Arctic Zero are out! What is Arctic Zero? It is like ice cream, but instead called Fit Frozen Desserts. Arctic Zero uses the finest quality ingredients without any artificial flavors. All flavors are lactose free, low glycemic, GMO free, & kosher. Almost all flavors are gluten free, excpet three of the chunky flavors. The chunky pints are only 300 calories [per pint], and offer 12 grams of protien and fiber. The creamy pints are only 150 calories! Find out more at arcticzero.com.*The new flavors (as pictured):Brownie BlastBanana PuddingSnickerdoodle DandyCake BatterPoppin’ PomegranateMy favorite is Snickerdoodle Dandy – it has actual chunks of snickerdoodle cookies in it! Cake Batter is also really good, plus its gluten free.Tip: try a scoop of Poppin’ Pomegranate with a serving of Cake Batter! *all information via Arctic Zero

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