Patriotic Adult Bomb Pop Daiquiris

How do we celebrate America? With fireworks, food, friends, and family. And some very patriotic drinks! Cheers to the USA! Nostalgic childhood memories were made with bomb pops, so lets create our own adult version.

Decoration idea: “Use lots of different patterns for a fun, themed pattern play. Use as many as up to five different patterns. Go wild!” – Stephanie from Wildflowers in Fairhope


Bomb Pop Daiquiris

serving size: 3-4 drinks



3 oz Rum (I used Bacardi)

2 oz Blue Curaçao

1 oz Ginger Ale

2 oz Tonic Water

4 oz Lemon or Lime (juice)

2 tbsp Grenadine

2 tbsp Agave

1/2 cup Raspberries, Watermelon, or Strawberries

6 cups Ice



Blend each part separately, starting with blue. Then do the white part and finish with the red part. Start with glasses in freezer. Blend blue part. Remove glasses from freezer and add the blue part in the bottom. Return glasses to freezer. Repeat with white part, then again with red part. Garnish with a bomb pop! And an optional metal straw.

  • Blue Part: 
    • 1 oz Rum
    • 2 oz Blue Curaçao
    • 1 oz Ginger Ale
    • 1 oz Lemon Juice
    • 2 cups Ice
  • White Part:
    • 1 oz Rum
    • 2 oz Lemon Juice
    • 2 tbsp Agave
    • 1 oz Tonic Water
    • 2 cups Ice
  • Red Part:
    • 1 oz Rum
    • 2 tbsp Grenadine
    • 1 oz Lemon Juice
    • 1/2 cup Red Fruit of Choice
    • 2 cups Ice

Serve immediately, or store each part separately in freezer and pour into three layers in the glasses when time to serve. 



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